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The Chief Security Officer of Equifax During Breach On 143M Americans Was a MUSIC MAJOR


Shocking info has emerged that the person in charge of keeping all of our personal records secure was a music major! The Chief Security Officer of Equifax made it easy for the hackers to obtain millions of American’s personal information. Chief Security of Equifax

I’m in complete disbelief! The very personal and sensitive information of millions of Americans has been hacked into and released to who knows what kind of criminals on the dark web because Equifax failed to hire a qualified security officer.

Susan Mauldin was found to be a music major! How in the world does composing music translate into the security of important data?

The Gateway Pundit| The ratings company said criminals exploited a US website application to access files mid-May and June of this year. The thieves obtained consumers’ names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some cases, driver’s license numbers.

The company said 143 million files were shared on the dark web following the data breach.

Now this…
The Equifax Chief Information Security Officer Susan Mauldin. She has been with the company since 2013.
Susan is a music major.

Chief Security Officer of Equifax

Susan graduated with a music degree in music from the University on Georgia and holds a Masters of Music Composition.

Maudlin’s original Linkedin page was made private after the Equifax breach last week.

Equifax and Maudlin failed to apply a patch that Apache had made available 2-months before the breach along with proof that the flaw was already under mass attack by hackers.

Equifax reportedly used ‘admin’ as a password in Argentina. I guess Equifax isn’t that concerned about security regardless of where they are located. You just can’t make this stuff up people! Time for the congress to put Equifax out of their misery. All credit bureaus need to be investigated, monitored and fined for every violation. This info is the livelihood of Americans, security shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Why would they be concerned with security anyways? The more people who have their credit affected the more money these credit agencies make! It’s a total scam if you ask me. They should be shut down- all three of them! Have you had any issues with the security breach? Please share in the comment section below!

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