First MLB Player to Take a Knee During National Anthem – Dad’s A VET!


Athletes from all sides of the spectrum including the MLB, are standing up for their constitutional rights and freedom of expression by taking a knee durning the national anthem.

Rookie catcher, Bruce Maxwell, became the first athlete in the MLB to protest during the national anthem this weekend.

MLBWho is MLB player Bruce Maxwell?

He is the son of a U.S. military vet, born on a military base, and now plays for the Oakland Athletics. Maxwell explained his actions by stating,

“The point of my kneeling was not to disrespect our military or our constitution or our country,” Maxwell said. “My hand was over my heart because I love this country and I have family members, including my father, who bled for this country, and who continue to serve. At the end of the day, this is the best country on the planet. I am and forever will be an American citizen and grateful to be here, but my kneeling is what’s getting the attention, and I’m kneeling for the people who don’t have a voice.”

“This goes beyond the black and Hispanic communities because right now we have a racial divide that’s being practiced from the highest power we have in this country saying it’s basically OK to treat people differently. I’m kneeling for a cause but I’m in no way disrespecting my country or my flag.”

Reported by ijr:

On Saturday night, Oakland Athletics catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first Major League Baseball player to kneel during the national anthem before his home game versus the Texas Rangers.

Before the MLB game, Maxwell had posted a photo on Instagram with the following caption:

“Yeah f**k this guy! Our president speaks of inequality of man because players are protesting the anthem! F**k this man! Seriously on the highest platform for our country expressing that it is OK for there to be Division of man and rights!”

MLB player Maxwell had his hand over his heart as he kneeled next to his teammates while the national anthem played:

Just minutes later, the Oakland Athletics issued a statement:

“The Oakland A’s pride ourselves on being inclusive. We respect and support all of our players’ constitutional rights and freedom of expression.”

Before the game, Maxwell also tweeted several comments bashing Trump:

ESPN reports:

In 2015, Maxwell, the son of a U.S. Army veteran, told the Midland Reporter-Telegramthat he was excited to play a game on the Fourth of July as he was born on a U.S. Military installation in Wiesbaden, Germany, while his father, Bruce Jr., did a tour of duty overseas with the U.S. Army.

“It means a little bit more to me,” Maxwell said at the time. “I take it a little more personal. It’s closer to my heart than most holidays and so it’s just about a respect of guys that give their lives every day and their families that feel the repercussions of what they do over there, even in the States. It’s a big thing for me and it’s an honor to play on this day.”

National anthem protests are only expected to increase in quantity as the NFL kicks off week three this Sunday.

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