Colin Kaepernick ruined Football and now the 49ers are Paying the Price


The controversy surrounding kneeling during the national anthem began when Colin Kaepernick was second-string quarterback for the 49ers and even without his presence the damage is done.

Currently, the NFL is experiencing a drastic drop in season viewings and with preseason past the actual attendance for games is taking a hit as well. California’s 49ers are the originator of the controversy for the simple fact of employing an entitled liberal whiner who has ruined the sport for every white American and military veteran for his ignorant display of ‘solidarity’ for the ‘oppressed’ minority’s. Hey Colin as a minority yourself is oppression receiving an absurd amount of money to play a game while living in a land that allows open protest? You should ask the Muslims fleeing them homelands due to legitimate oppression what they think of the hard life you live.


Via Breitbart:

The NFL doesn’t just have a rating problem, it also has a major attendance problem. Particularly among the California teams, who don’t appear to be able to draw flies.

Each of the season’s first three games saw dwindling attendance for both the Los Angeles Rams and the Charges so far this season, and many posts on social media have featured nearly empty stadiums for the two Los Angeles-based teams.

Even with the game played in San Francisco on Thursday night, The Rams and 49ers had trouble filling Levi’s Stadium.


L.A. radio host Judson Richards also noted that there seemed to be as many fans for Miami in attendance as there were for the Chargers in Week Two.

The Big Lead called the numbers “a massive embarrassment for the league,” while pointing out that a college game in San Diego earned 43,040 fans in the seats.

Thanks for ruining America’s beloved sport by bringing politics somewhere they don’t belong!

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