Buffalo Wild Wings Employee Mutes National Anthem to Start 9/11 NFL Game


The national Anthem is the main focus of debate again, however, this time it is at a Buffalo Wild Wings bar in Riverside County.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Customers at the Buffalo Wild Wings bar are claiming that an employee refused to play the National Anthem loud enough for them to hear before an NFL game.

This also happened to be the memorial night of 9/11, only adding more wood to the fire during the already over-heated moment. The customer at Buffalo Wild Wings decided to post a picture of the employee on social media.

“No one understood what was so controversial. It’s 9/11, it’s a sporting event, why is it controversial?” she said.

According to losangeles.cbslocal, the Buffalo Wild Wings franchise owner also apologized in a statement and said the company has no policy regarding such political matter.

From breitbart:

Outraged customers at a Riverside County, California, Buffalo Wild Wings claim an employee silenced the National Anthem as Monday’s NFL game began.

In addition to being Monday Night Football, the day also marked the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

According to CBSLA, customers said the employee refused to turn the sound up during the anthem, claiming it was “too controversial” and saying it was against “company policy” to play it.

Social media lit up with news of the nixed anthem—including Facebook posts, like this one from Steven Smith:

Buffalo Wild Wings corporate responded by saying they do not have a policy regarding the National Anthem, and the franchise owner of the Riverside County Buffalo Wild Wings apologized and said there is no such policy either.

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