TIME’s new cover features Democratic Party, they are NOT going to Like it


It looks like a divided Democratic party is debating it’s future.

Just like most of the Democratic party in the United States, Tim Ryan is not a big fan of President Donald Trump.

However, the man is just as frustrated with his own party as he is with President Trump, and is squawking about diverse issues in his party and how it is a “demonization” of business owners in America. Ready to defend his words, he states: “We’re going to have a fight.” “There’s no question about it.”

Democratic partyThe fight has already started however, as the Democratic Party has been digging inches deeper everyday and making it clear that the party is divided. Divided on issues such as free trade, health care, foreign affairs, and of course… Wall Street.

Ha.. They even disagree over the political knowledge and compromises they have made with President Donald Trump.

Reported by twitchy:

With as much screaming and yelling as we’ve heard from the Left since Trump became president, we almost forget that it’s not really the Republicans who are in trouble these days. Sure, plenty of people on both sides of the aisle aren’t exactly thrilled with a President Trump, but the Republican Party itself even with the headaches in Congress, is still winning elections.

Not so much for the Democrats.

And sheesh, when you’ve lost TIME magazine?

Thanks Obama.

Can anything save them? Nope.

Something else indeed.

Truth hurts.

Obama did so much damage to the Democratic Party, add to that the corruption of the Clinton campaign and the knowledge that the DNC helped knock Bernie Sanders out of the running and yes, the Donkeys have a YUGE mess on their hands.

The first step of the grieving process is denial.

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