VIDEO: It Looks Like A Science Experiment, But He Has His HAND SEWN INTO HIS BELLY For An Amazing Reason..


I saw this show with my wife the other night where this guy had gotten into some kind of scooter accident where the left side of his face by his eyebrow was scarred all to hell. His left eyebrow was actually in two places a couple inches apart from each other.

The plastic surgeons did something absolutely amazing to me. They put this tissue expander in his forehead and stretched the skin out to where they could basically take the scar away and move his eyebrow back together. It was amazing.

It was never the outcome he had imagined. But when a Brazilian worker had his hand severely damaged in a work accident, he was rushed to the emergency room where doctors at a loss as to how to help him. Only after putting their heads together did the team of emergency doctors come up with the creative solution – to sew his hand into his abdomen and save his arm. It was a crazy solution, but might just work. Without hesitating, the doctors got to work trying to fix their patient who was in danger otherwise.

43-year-old Carlos Mariotti was a former machine operator who got into the work accident. When his hand became trapped in a machine that rolled coils, his flesh and skin was ripped from his hands in fingers. The March 2016 accident was excruciating and horrific. Mariotti looked down at his bare hand and screamed.

He had worked the machine for a while and never did he think that the innocuous machine that made plastic tableware could produce such terror.

The machine removed the tissue from his hand and destroyed his body’s blood supply to his limb. After the accident, Mariotti’s bones and tendons were exposed to the air.

Doctors didn’t want to amputate his arm, but they had few other choices. That’s why they decided to salvage the former machine worker’s hand by placing it inside the soft tissue of his stomach. They cut open his abdomen and put his bare hand inside his body.

Because his bare hand was put inside his body, the doctors could help prevent infection and avoid necrosis from coming in. This strange technique allowed the body to reconnect blood supply to the hand and restore its loss muscle and missing tissue.

 “I had never done this procedure before but I knew what was possible. We separated the skin from the abdominal muscles and created a bag inside and put the patient’s hand inside,” said Dr. Boris Brandao of Santa Otilia Foundation Hospital.

For the next 42 days, Mariotti’s hand remained inside his abdomen.

“It was a really weird sensation because I could feel my fingers wiggling inside my body,” Mariotti said. “When I moved them around, my tummy protruded.”

Mariotti’s doctors ordered him to keep his hand pushing inward. They even commanded that he move his fingers to prevent them from freezing up inside his body.

“Every day, I reminded myself that I couldn’t take my hand out because it was in a pocket. I was terrified I’d break the stitches and damage my chances of recovery,” Mariotti said. “The pain was unforgettable and unbearable. I struggled to sleep because I couldn’t turn on my side or lie on my front.”

 He went through two more operations in May 2016. The first removed his hand from his abdomen and abdomen skin covered the back of his hand. The third procedure grafted skin from his thigh onto his palm. But this transplant did not work and had to be removed.

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