Senate Democrats Introduce Ban on Gun Stephen Willeford Used to Stop Texas Attack


Dozens of Democrats have proposed yet another weapons ban claiming the recent Texas church massacre to be their motivation.

Regardless of the motivating factors, the reality behind this new weapons ban is against the type of weapon that actually prevented the Texas church shooting from continuing and wouldn’t have stopped either the Slams Vegas shooting or the Texas shooting. Liberals just can’t comprehend that the weapons bans they continue to propose won’t stop criminals from obtaining guns it only stops innocents from purchasing protection.

Via Breitbart:

The bill was introduced by over two dozen Democrats, led by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

According to the Hill, Feinstein released a statement with the legislation, saying, “We’re introducing an updated Assault Weapons Ban for one reason: so that after every mass shooting with a military-style assault weapon, the American people will know that a tool to reduce these massacres is sitting in the Senate, ready for debate and a vote.”

Missing from Feinstein’s statement is an admission that the bill targets the kind of rifle which NRA member Stephen Willeford used to end the attack. As Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said on Tuesday, “He was armed with an AR-15, that’s exactly the sort of rifle we’ve been told must be banned to keep us safe.”

In addition to this, the gun control bill pushed by Feinstein would not have stopped the Texas church shooting, as the bill allows persons with AR-15s and similar rifles to keep those rifles. Moreover, it allows persons to transfer such rifles to other people as long as a background check is passed. Kelley possessed an AR-15 because he passed a background check for it.

Without the use of his AR-15, Stephen Willeford wouldn’t have been able to end the attack and more innocent people would’ve died.

Stephen Willeford

Criminals and called that for a reason and it’s because they don’t care about the law.

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  1. Larry Wilson

    November 10, 2017 at 7:27 am

    Ever wonder ALL mass shooters have been looney liberals and as soon as it happened the liberals in Washington don’t ask or care about the victims or their families. They start their Assault Rifle Ban just hours after it happens. Almost like they know.

  2. LHS

    November 11, 2017 at 9:33 am

    When all the politicians are required to provide their own security at their cost. And who are also not allowed to carry guns, then I MIGHT discuss this. Otherwise? Shut up. Oh, and TERM LIMTS.

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