College Campus Rape Survivor: Pepper Spray Won’t Cut It, Women Need Guns


Gun control takes protection out of the hands of the victim only.

Criminals don’t care about gun control laws. This truth turned into one college students nightmare when the pepper spray she was carrying didn’t match up to the knife her attacker was carrying. Now she is speaking out and informing others of how her rape could have been prevented if only she had a gun of her own.

Via Breitbart:

College campus rape survivor Shayna Lopez-Rivas tells Florida legislators that pepper spray is not a sufficient defensive tool—women need guns.

She said she had pepper spray with her when she was attacked on Florida State University’s campus in 2014, but the spray did not stop the attacker.

According to 4Jax, Lopez-Rivas said, “He had a knife. I had pepper spray. And even though I ran for blue lights that are scattered all around, [he was] faster, stronger, and I did not win.”

She said she now carries a gun and the next attacker will not find easy prey. Lopez-Rivas said if she had her gun with her in 2014 she could have stopped that attacker in his tracks. She said, “The way that I carry it now, I would have been able to prevent what happened to me.”

The 2nd amendment was designed to provide individuals with the right to defend themselves against a threat. Criminals will always find a way so the reality of gun control results in the only people who have guns are bad people.

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