Massive Muslim Terror Network Just Discovered In Chicago After Cops Get Clue About What They Were Hiding


If you haven’t figure it out yet, America is undergoing a MASSIVE invasion.

Hundreds and thousands of new Muslim “refugees” are arriving in America, and they are being granted access to our welfare system,so are their multiple wives and children.

But despite our country’s extreme generosity, these invaders still plan to screw up over. Now, Chicago police are well aware of their sinister plot to con Americans out of, literally,millions of dollars.

In a disturbing report, local FOX affiliate Fox2Now exposed how a Muslim business owner opened a fake business under 123 Grocery that then allowed him to buy cigarettes fax-free in massive quantities. But Walid Abdel Aziz Qaddoumi didn’t have plans for smoking the cigarettes himself. He would then go on to make MILLIONS of dollars in profits from the cigarettes he’d resale to Americans, where the funds would then go straight to line the pockets of terrorists… but that is just the beginning.

Conservative Daily Post reported:

The original business opened in 2013. The alleged brick and mortar store was in St. Louis, Missouri. This location never existed. While the address was real, it did not house the business. Having a fake store in Missouri meant Qaddoumi was able to purchase items he would then resell in Chicago for profit.

The tax difference between retail items in the two states was significant, $.17 in Missouri to $1.98 Chicago. Missouri has the lowest state tax in the nation. It has become a prime target for scammers. This combined with the extra-high taxes in Chicago translated tax fraud into a significant business gain. Using the fake business out of state saved the business owner $243,700 in taxes.

Unfortunately for this crooked Muslim, his antics  soon caught up to him.

Scamming American tax-payers out of millions got him smacked six felony charges, as well as sex misdemeanor charges.

hile this story is disturbing, it’s not in any way an isolated incident.

According to sources, authorities have revealed that this is becoming an epidemic in the states of Virginia, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island and South Carolina, where millions are in profits are being made in these Muslim illegal rings. New York estimates that a startling 56.9% of the cigarette sales in their state are from this very same scam. 

While the unfair advantage is in of itself infuriating, the bigger concern comes with what these Muslims are doing with the illegal profits.

We can leave that one up to you to speculate where that may be…

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