POS Governor Who Said He ‘Could Not’ Vote Trump over Sexual Comments Resigns Over Major Sex Scandal with Former Aide


Alabama Republican Governor Robert Bentley publically stated back in October that he could ‘no longer vote for Donald Trump’ after the infamous video was released of Donald Trump joking about ‘groping women’ back in the 80’s.

The AP reported:

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said he could no longer vote for Donald Trump in wake of the GOP presidential nominee’s sexually charged words about women.

Bentley comments came as state Alabama U.S. Reps. Martha Roby and Bradley Byrne, on Saturday called for Trump to step aside from the GOP ticket. Trump is under fire for his remarks about him groping women in a 2005 recording.

Roby was one of the first Republicans to speak out against Trump on Saturday, leading what would soon be a chorus of voices against the GOP nominee.

“Now, it is abundantly clear that the best thing for our country and our party is for Trump to step aside and allow a responsible, respectable Republican to lead the ticket,” Roby said in a statement. “Hillary Clinton must not be president, but, with Trump leading the ticket she will be.”

According to recent reports, Governor Bentley is expected to resign today after audio was uncovered of Governor Bentley describing how he embraced and placed his hands on for aide’s breasts.

WHNT reported his statement:

“The time has come for me to look at new ways to serve the people of our great state. I have decided it is time for me to step down as Alabama’s governor.”

The scandal involved allegations (proof, rather) that Governor Bentley sent several texts to his aide Rebekah Mason:


There is SO MUCH MORE!

Talking points Memo came out with an elaborate detail of what happened following the allegations:

Dianne Bentley’s staffer was threatened, harassed at home

Dianne Bentley’s chief of staff, Heather Hannah, helped her boss secretly record phone calls in which the governor talked about his love for Mason and how he liked to come up behind her and fondle her breasts, according to the report. Once the governor learned that these recordings existed, he came to suspect Hannah’s involvement, and the report alleges he threatened her at the governor’s mansion on several occasions.

According to Hannah, Robert Bentley approached her in the spring of 2014 in the building’s kitchen, pointed his finger in her face, and warned, “You will never work in the State of Alabama again if you tell anyone about this.”

Another altercation occurred in the parking lot soon after, when Bentley allegedly accused her of bugging his office and told her to “watch herself.” He warned that because of his political office, Alabamians “bow to his throne,” according to Hannah’s account.

Hannah also alleged that she was intimidated both before and after her June 2016 testimony to the Alabama Ethics Commission. On the first occasion, she said she heard rustling in the bushes outside her home and went outside to investigate. She found the words “die bitch” and “you will fucking die” scratched into her car. Days after her testimony, Hannah said she was visited at home again: After hearing a loud noise while getting ready for bed, she walked into her kitchen to find someone had thrown a rock through her window.

Finish reading the horrific details involving this case here.

The man is a loony.

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