Roger Goodell reportedly requests $50 million salary, lifetime private jet in contract talks


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has requested an obscene amount of money with his current contract extension.

NFL protesting has completely destroyed the entire organization and Roger Goodell is at the helm. Currently Goodell’s contract extension is under review and waiting approval but Goodell isn’t happy with the current contracts salary and so has requested an increase. Goodell makes a whooping 30 million a YEAR but has requested that number to increase by nearly 20 million. Why on earth does this man believe he should make 50 million a year when he can’t even control the unruly players protesting the national anthem?

Roger Goodell

Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, is appalled by this contract negotiation and has threatened to sue the NFL if EVERY team owner isn’t involved in this approval. Goodell has effectively crippled the league financially so why would they fork out even more money for him? That amount of money is completely unnecessary, as is 30 million for that matter, how selfish can you be?

Via Fox News:

Goodell, whose proposed contract with the NFL currently is undergoing an approval process, asked the league’s compensation committee in August to raise his salary from $30 million to $49.5 million per year, ESPN reported Sunday.

Goodell also reportedly asked to use a private jet for life, and also requested lifetime health insurance for his family.

The commissioner currently is embattled with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has threatened to sue the NFL if negotiations regarding Goodell’s contract extension are finalized without approval from all NFL team owners.

An unnamed NFL owner told ESPN that there are “several owners in this league who don’t make $40 million a year.” The owner added: “That number for Roger just seems too much. It’s offensive. It’s unseemly.”

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