First Government Funded Muslim, Al Hijrah School, receives Lowest Possible Ranking and the Reasons are Infuriating


America’s first fully funded Muslim school, the Al Hijrah school in Birmingham, fails on every level of education.

American taxpayers are funding a school that can hardly even be called that. Al Hijrah school is for Muslim children between the ages of 4-16 and centers around the Islamic religion and encourages Sharia Law. A recent school inspection proves that not only should this not be a government funded place for education but should be removed from American soil altogether.

Children are separated by gender in every aspect and the boys are being taught that insubordinate wives should be beaten and if the wife is unwilling to perform sexual acts with her husband than marital rape is acceptable. Furthermore the facilities and furniture are nonexistent because the funding allotted for things like desks and chairs was sent to Pakistan.

Via Clash Daily:

The Al Hijrah school in Birmingham is a Muslim school accepting children ages 4-16. It was one of the first Muslim schools to get state funding in the U.K. Some disturbing information about the school has finally been revealed. The school tried to suppress the report after an inspection by the Office for Standards in Education, Ofsted.

Al Hijrah School

– The school segregated students by gender after age 5, including lessons, breaks, and school trips

– Books were found in the library that advocated husbands beating their wives as well as marital rape

– The school didn’t have basic facilities and the students would eat seated on the floor

– The government funding earmarked for purchasing tables and chairs was instead sent to Pakistan

– ‘Weak teaching’ was cited as a concern

– Bullying and a ‘chaotic’ playground

– The school’s rating was ‘inadequate’ — the lowest possible ranking

– Pupils were not ‘sufficiently safe’ as staff didn’t know what to do in medical emergencies

WTF! Why should we fund a school that doesn’t even want the funding for school needs?

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