UCLA’s Afrikan Student Union Demands $40 Million From University After Being Offended By Frat Group


Snowflake warning! UCLA’s “Afrikan Student Union” demands $40 million from the university after a frat group hosts a “Kanye Western” party.

A frat group over at UCLA decided to host a “Kanye Western” party, all in good fun. Party goers wore “baggy clothes” and other outfits made popular by his wife Kim Kardashian. Others were dressed as miners in reference to the rapper’s song, “gold digger.”

The snowflake “Afrikan Student Union” had a major meltdown over this party theme. They say it was insensitive and racist. Now the group is demanding $40 million from the university. At this point I’d say the “Afrikan Student Union” is being a bunch of gold diggers.

From IJR:

At colleges across the U.S., claims of racial incidents have sparked massive campus protests, including accusations of “appropriating styles … that belong to the black and brown folks.”

In mid-May, UCLA’s Afrikan Student Union (ASU) released an eight-point ultimatum, demanding not only “a physical location on campus to house the Afrikan Student Union Projects,” but an endowment from the university of $40 million.

As the fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, said in a statement shortly after the accusations arose:

It is important that we put this rumor to rest. Some of our guests attended the event dressed as miners in reference to the Kanye West song ‘Gold Digger,’ but their attire had nothing to do with race. This does not excuse our lack of judgment in not recognizing the inappropriateness of the party theme and that other costumes were offensive.

Following those accusations, hundreds of students reportedly marched across campus in protest, demanding action from UCLA and holding signs that read, “Our culture is not a costume.”

This is so ridiculous! If you can’t see how stupid these comments are and how easily offended people have become, let me flip it this way…

I demand that the ASU pays all white folks $80 million for their appropriation of white culture, wearing white clothing (it’s culture NOT a costume), and most importantly for offending whites with their violence and hate crimes that target whites! See how that works?! Oh, and I demand that they ALL attend diversity and sensitivity training until they change their racist ways….

What kind of response do you think a white group would get from that?? I’m sure you can come to that conclusion pretty easily. The race baiting and victim mentality has gotten way out of hand.

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  1. Terray

    May 21, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    Kick their A$$E$ out of school! Deport them to Africa to live!

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