Vile CBS Reporter Makes Jokes About Manchester Bombing


Wow, a vile CBS reporter actually cracks a joke about the horrific Manchester bombing…

When the world learned of the horrific bombing in Manchester, that stole the lives of mostly children and teenagers, the last thing we were thinking about was Ariana Grande’s music or cracking any type of joke for that matter. Millions of prayers and tears have gone out to the families of those who lost their life in such a senseless act. But one idiot CBS reporter found that to be a good time to crack an Ariana Grande joke and nobody is laughing…

After deleting the stupid tweet that is now saved for the world to see via screenshot, he continued with his tasteless jokes…

Twitter users slammed Leavitt for his idiocy:

After the explosion of negative responses over his tasteless joke and probably the revelation that this is a mojor career destroying move… Leavitt finally made a very insincere apology.

Why do these idiots let every stupid thought that pops into their heads find an exit ramp? Twenty innocent people lost their lives in Manchester. The majority of them were children! You can’t get any lower than that.  I hope he loses his job because this is unconscionable.


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