‘Passion Of Christ’ Actor: Hollywood Turned Its Back On Me Because Of My Faith…


“Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel says that liberal Hollywood turned their backs on him because of his faith in God.

It is well known that Hollywood is mainly liberal and anti-Christianity. You can see it in all of the movies they pump out of there. We are drifting further and further away from wholesome family values and becoming desensitized to graphic violence, sex scenes and bad language in these movies. Actor Jim Caviezel hits the nail on the head when he explains what happened to him after his faith known to Hollywood.

From Young Conservatives:

“All of a sudden I stopped being one of five most popular actors in the studio, and I hadn’t done anything wrong. I just played Jesus,” Caviezel told Polish film critic Lukasz Adamski.

“Don’t you tell me it was a coincidence!” he said. “There are no coincidences. I keep hearing about ‘accidents’ and ‘strokes of luck.’ Secularization affects the entire world, including the USA. Only atheists believe in coincidence.”

“I’ve never forgotten that the name of Jesus is above all else,” he said. “It is also the most controversial name of all times. Love is controversial and he impersonates love. Jesus was telling the Romans about love and they killed him because of that. ‘Who is that man to tell me what kind of person I’m supposed to be?’ – they asked arrogantly. He was betrayed by his own people and abandoned by everyone. My duty was not only to show it all on the screen. My real duty is to live in accordance with the gospel every day and to give witness to the truth.”

Here is Caviezel’s experience of playing Jesus on Passion of the Christ:

A real man knows the difference between pleasing people and pleasing Christ! Admire you greatly Jim for standing up for your faith in our awesome God. Loved you in the movie, keep doing what you’re doing. I can see Christ’s light shining through you! 

Share this with your friends! And spread Jim’s message of God’s love and the true colors of Hollywood. This is what’s happening to Christian actors.



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