Report: Oakland Raiders Threw Game Over Anthem


Ladies and gents the Oakland Raiders have another spiteful scandal to add to the already heated NFL uproar that has hit our nation.

From beginning to end, the game between the Raiders and Redskins last weekend didn’t look very pleasant.

Everyone knows that the Oakland Raiders is the only team in the NFL with an entirely African-American lineup.


And during the national anthem in last week’s game against the Washington Redskins, the offensive line of the Raiders decided to sit out entirely, well almost everyone…

Quarterback Derek Carr stood proud with his hand over his heart as the anthem played.

But his offensive line, which sat out of the anthem, didn’t not like his actions and made sure to let him know during the game.

Oh and to make things a little more clear, star quarterback Derek Carr, who happens to be white, did not get sacked a single time in last year’s season.

However, things went a little different for this game.

So now upset and confused fans are asking, “Did the Raiders purposely throw the game just because of Derek Carr’s decision to stand for the national anthem while the rest of his team decided to be cowards?”

From the federalistpapers:

The assumption here is that the Oakland Raiders purposely threw the game against the Redskins as a demonstration to Carr.

“So Derek Carr, who is never sacked – was sacked four times by the Redskins, back to back on the second offensive series of the Raiders,” the host said.

“The first series he threw almost immediately was intercepted, so that series was over before it began,” they said.

“Also, three times, the extremely dependable, never-does-this center – the guy who snaps the ball to the quarterback – snapped it before Carr was ready … three times. He “hiked” it – as the kids say – into Carr’s knees before he was supposed to.

Armstrong & Getty pointed out that one of their fellow players said “If he wants to stand alone (for the National Anthem), he can stand alone on the field.”

Listen to their broadcast, posted Thursday.

“If this story is true, you’ve got an animosity between a white quarterback and a black offensive line that you can’t fix very easily,” they said. “Now this is getting into paranoia … and the fan base and the whole country.”

They wondered if this was a one-time “throwing” of the game.

“So is this a one-time punishment? Have they gotten together and talked to each other? Or are the black guys in the team not going to block for the white guys?

“At least for one game, it seems to be a message that was sent,” they said. “Maybe it was brief, maybe it was ‘alright, we’re going to let him get hit a couple times, see if he gets the message, but we don’t know.”

There were a handful of dropped passes by some of the black players that were “really weird,” they said.

“That happens in the NFL all the time … but then the other stuff came up,” they said.

So the hosts’ “inside source” is claiming the game was thrown. If this is true, the NFL has a huge problem on their hands, as they pointed out.

The two claim their source is “extremely reliable.”

“They have a huge danger warning buzzer going off right now because if this happens on the Raiders, it could happen on any team as different decisions are made … as times are divided.”

When a reporter asked a team official about this, the hosts said they would be “blackballed.”

Later in the broadcast, TV Host Bill O’Reilly pointed out that it’s illegal to throw a game and the players could go to prison.

What do you think? Did the Raiders throw the game to teach Derek Carr and the rest of the team a lesson? Sound off below!

Sounds like a low blow to me!

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  1. george ennis

    September 29, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    of course they did.

  2. Old Goat 34

    September 29, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    Derek Carr should quit and let Kaepernick do it.Carr can play Backup.I’m a Bronco fan and would love to see the Raiders to continue to lose.Which would definately happen then

  3. Stephen

    September 30, 2017 at 9:02 am

    They deliberately lost the game!!!they have admitted throwing the game publicly bragging about the loss !!! This team is a disgrace to NFL football 🏈 and a disgrace to the American people!!! Accountability for braking the law and racketeering!! Prison for entire team except the quarterback

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