BREAKING: Rosie’s Daughter Chelsea SPILLS ALL On Life With Rosie And It Ain’t Rosey!


Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter Chelsea reveals what kind of mother she really is and it ain’t Rosey!

Chelsea Alliegro, the adopted daughter of Rosie spilled all of the details on what kind of mother she has been in an interview with Daily Mail. The details are not pretty. Honestly, I’m not even surprised. After seeing her crazy Twitter rants over Donald Trump being elected, I had a strong feeling that it was some sort of drunken rage.  It seems that alcohol had a big part in the treatment of her daughter too.

From Clash Daily:

Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter is haunted by an episode with her ‘drunk’ mother during which the actress locked the teen in her bedroom, tried to pull off her clothes to see her tattoo, threatened to hit her with an empty wine bottle and told her she could ‘kill her’.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, Chelsea O’Donnell says the May 2015 attack was the beginning of two years of ups and downs with her mother which has culminated in an estrangement she now feels is irreparable.

Chelsea also revealed that she and boyfriend Nick Alliegro, 31, secretly got married last July after she found out she was pregnant. But the newlyweds suffered a devastating blow weeks later when Chelsea had a miscarriage.

‘I told Rosie about the miscarriage but she never seemed to care or even asked any questions, like it didn’t matter to her,’ Nick told DailyMail.com

I believe this poor girl. I knew she was going to speak out eventually. I remember a couple years ago when she went “missing” she just had to get away from this she beast! I feel for her. Kudos for speaking up.

Rosie is the one that needs mental health evaluation and treatment..Shameful..the woman that is first to judge and bad mouth others..Take care of your own, Rosie.


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