The Duck Dynasty Family Just Suffered a Tragic Loss to Cancer


To watch someone die from cancer is a horrific thing… even worse if it is someone you love. The Duck Dynasty clan has just lost one of their own and you should keep them in your prayers. They are a large family, but still very close to each other. They are also devout Christians, which helps at times such as these. They love each other and they know there is more to come after this life, so saying goodbye is cause for both sadness and celebration.

They all live close to one another in case someone needs something or someone. It has earned the nickname, “Robertson’s Row.” Cute and apropos. This sad story involves Korie Robertson’s parents, Chrys and John Howard. They have been on their show before during dinner and event segments. Chrys is beloved by the whole gang and holds a very special place in their hearts. When she put up a post on Instagram that her cousin had passed away from cancer, it rocked the entire family.

From NewsBake:

Although the Duck Dynasty family is huge they don’t allow it to keep them from staying close to each other. The family is actually extremely tight knit and they all love each other immensely.

In fact, Missy Robertson recently posted on her blog stating that they all live within minutes of each other. So not only are they close emotionally, they are actually all just right now the street from each other. Something many like to call “Robertson’s Row”.

“Out of eight homes on our little street, the four Robertson brothers live in four of them. The other four are filled with either extended family or good friends.”

Interestingly enough, one of the houses in the cul-de-sac belongs to Korie Robertson’s parents Chrys and John Howard. The couple has been in several of the episodes of Duck Dynasty, especially when dinners and events would come around.

Chrys stated that her cousin had a deep faith in God and he shared that faith every chance he got. In fact, he was listening to a sermon and taking notes as he passed. He preached the gospel his entire adult life and walked with God. So, when his time came, he was at peace. It is those he leaves behind that feel a sense of loss.

It takes a strong and devoted Christian to take this path. His sister sat with him in his final moments on this earth. Rest in peace Glenn Durham. You’ve finally found your way home.



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  1. Johnny

    May 12, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    May the glory of God be whith u all amen

  2. Kandi

    May 13, 2017 at 2:12 am

    So sorry you lose

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