Illegal Immigration

Illegals Bringing In Record Numbers Of TB Cases and other Infectious Diseases


“Border communities” have among the highest rates of Tuberculosis in the nation, El Paso just tested positive for TB in an uncomfortable amount of people living in a border senior day care center.

It is common for “border communities” to test higher for illnesses like tuberculosis. The highest numbers come from city’s on the Texas/Mexico border. El Paso’s rates are double that of the nation. In a senior day care center 65 people tested positive for TB. This is an alarming number.

From Breitbart:

The City of El Paso Department of Public Health confirmed Wednesday that 65 TB tests came back positive following the preliminary testing of 199 individuals in April. The health department began testing people at a local adult day care after one person in the center’s care tested positive for the sometimes fatal pulmonary disease.

The venue where the swarm of positive TB diagnoses occurred is the La Victoria Adult Day Care Center, according to the El Paso Times.

Officials believe all those tested may have had contact with patient zero. However, officials remain vigilant. More center members and workers could have been exposed to the bacteria.

Getting rid of illegal immigrants and deporting all of those who were brought in by obama should put an end to these outbreaks of diseases that were very rare in America, until recently.

During Obama’s “encouraged” illegal invasion, I didn’t hear anyone address the CDC screening requirement for immigrants. Obamacare is so important to the health of Americans yet, without screening, diseases that have been almost eradicated from our soil come in unchecked. Hypocrisy?

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