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California Sheriff Calls for “Law & Order,” Rejects Sanctuary City Idea


One California Sheriff has got it right! He has a message for illegal immigrants and it isn’t what they want to hear!

Kern County, California, Sheriff Donny Youngblood has been against the liberal stance of illegal immigration in his state since before Donald Trump even ran for president, but it was an uphill battle with Obama running the country. Now that President Trump is here to return order to the country and uphold the laws, Sheriff Youngblood has a message for illegal immigrants…

From Conservative Tribune:

Youngblood is planning to ask the Kern Board of Supervisors to adopt a resolution declaring the county a “law and order” county, which would ensure that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers can do their jobs without running into interference from local governments.

Youngblood wants agents to be able to continue identifying felonious illegal immigrants in the county jails so they can be deported upon their release, unlike what happens (or doesn’t happen) in many California jurisdictions, the Los Angeles Times reported.

This Sheriff needs all the support he can get at all levels! Including residents of California who do not want their beautiful state to be destroyed. Drugs, crime, murders, rapes, you name it, these criminals will be protected and law abiding citizens will not stand a chance.

Kern County, Bakersfield California… This just may be the last conservative law and order county remaining in pro-criminal, pro-illegal alien, liberal California. It’s time to stand up conservative Californians! 

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