Jamiel Shaw Sr DROPS JAWS: “My Son Was Murdered by a DREAMer, Where’s his Sanctuary?” (VIDEO)


The father of the murder victim Jamiel Shaw says, “my son was murdered by a DREAMer, where’s his sanctuary?”

Los Angeles high school football star, Jamiel Shaw Jr. lost his life at the young age of 17 all because of an immigrant thug who was here because of Obama’s DREAM act. In 2008 the gang member who was here because of the DREAM act mistook Shaw Jr. for a rival gang member and shot him in the stomach and then in the head execution style. Now Shaw’s father wonders, where was his sanctuary??

From Gateway Pundit:

They just use that as ‘the new stop-sign’ . . . They just say: ‘You’re a racist’ or ‘You’re a white supremacist’, something like that, people automatically don’t wanna be called that, so they sort of cower, but what about me? I’m a black man. My son was murdered by an illegal alien from Mexico.”

My son was murdered by a DREAMer, someone that was brought over here when he was three-years-old, but he didn’t stay three-years-old. He was nineteen. He was on his third gun charge.

I haven’t heard Kevin De Leon say anything bad about an illegal alien on his third gun charge, in jail for battery on a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon – and then they release him instead of calling ICE and the same day he gets out, he murders my son. Why doesn’t he think that’s bad? Why does he not care about Americans? We love our kids too.

Democrats have not been this mad at Republicans since we freed their slaves. The Election of President Trump didn’t create the hate of the Left, but it did reveal it. Girly men being led around by Liberal hags & nags like dogs on a leash.

What these liberals don’t get is that the government is here to protect its citizens! Democrats are more worried about immigrants who are not here legally than they are about their own people. So sorry for your Loss Mr. Shaw.

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