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Chase Bolling True cause of Death Revealed by Close Friend


Chase Bolling, son of former Fox News host Eric Bolling, recently passed away but the cause isn’t what is portrayed by liberal media outlets.

Democrats would have Americans believe that Chase Bolling committed suicide via drug overdose but that story’s only half true. Although the fact of overdose is a true statement, it wasn’t intentionally done and therefore not suicide.

Fox News’ Eric Bolling was recently released from his position over a sexting scandal and liberals are cold heartedly blaming Bolling for the death of his own son. In reality Chase Bolling idolized his father and was in no way ashamed of his father’s career ending scandal.

Via World News Politics:

Eric Chase’s friend Wayne Carter is opening up about what happened the night before Eric Chase’s untimely death. According to Carter, Eric Chase was a frequent user of drugs including marijuana, cocaine and Xanax. He also tried heroin once, according to Carter, who said Eric Chase was partying very hard the night before he died and was doing cocaine, weed and Xanax all in the same night.

Reports that Eric Chase had been devastated by his dad getting fired, weren’t the reason for his death, another friend reported recently. Carter agreed, saying that Eric Chase did not commit suicide, but just partied too hard and did too many drugs in response to the controversy around his dad, who he was extremely proud of and looked up to.

Carter said Eric Chase always liked to socialize, party and take drugs but that it had increased over the summer. He was very proud of his dad’s job at Fox News and was very upset when Bolling Sr. was fired.

“He was very into his dad and looked up to his dad a lot. I’m not saying his life choices revolved around his dad but his dad was a huge role model in his life,” Carter explained.

When his dad was fired, Eric Chase didn’t react outwardly but you could tell it had hit him hard, according to Carter.

“He wouldn’t tell me [direct] because he was so proud of his dad. But clearly inside, it was eating him up,” Carter said.

Nonetheless, the idea he harmed himself deliberately because of his dad’s situation isn’t the direct cause, Carter said.

Chase Bolling

“I’ll put it like this – he was a partier. I don’t think he would have intentionally done it [killed himself]. But I definitely think he upped it once when he heard that news and that’s what caused his demise,” Carter said.

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