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JUST IN: WaPo Reporter Who Broke News On Judge Roy Moore Story Has A Criminal History Of “Faking”


Judge Rey Moore claims WaPo story about his alleged sexual misconduct is FAKE and it turns out the reporter has a known track record for all things fake.

A smear campaign has started against Judge Ray Moore thanks to the slanderous accusations of Washington Post reporter Stephanie McCrummen that paint him as a child molester. Ray Moore is vehemently rejecting these claims as fake news. Well it turns out that Ms. McCrummen has a history of forgeries so it’s extremely likely that this too is a fabrication she devised in order sell papers.

Ray Moore


Stephanie McCrummen, the reporters who co-wrote the Washington Post hit piece on Judge Roy Moore, apparently has a history of “faking” things like fake checks for instance…

Ms. McCrummen has a rather interesting criminal history herself, as public criminal records in multiple states stretching across 4 time zones have shown.

Ms. McCrummen’s criminal history began with North Carolina Case # 1992 CR 00654, a violation of the Article 19 – False Pretenses and Cheats section of the North Carolina Criminal Code. Ms. McCrummen was convicted of a crime punishable by up to six months of imprisonment for writing a hot check that was deemed worthless.

Liberals literally have no moral code so ruining someone’s reputation in order to increase ratings really comes as no surprise and the embarrassing release of information regarding McCrummens inability to cover checks is a pretty fitting punishment.

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