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Nancy Pelosi’s Stumbling, Bumbling Rant That Shocked The Country


It’s another wicked witch of the west coast. Nancy Pelosi is and the rest of the Democratic party are nothing but obstructionists. They will literally try and block anything that Trump does. Look what she says at the 5:28 mark.

That pretty much spells out the end of the Democratic party right there. Nancy Pelosi will not even try to work with President Trump at all. It’s disgusting. The Democrats have now turned into obstructionists. They are doing nothing to help the people of this great country and are doing everything they can to hurt us.

Share this far and wide, patriots! We need the entire nation to see what Nancy Pelosi has done to our country. These people are literally just obstructionists and they don’t care if this country burns around them as long as they are right in the end.

God bless this country. Nancy Pelosi needs to lose her job.

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