BOOM: Iranian Ship Get’s BLASTED by U.S DESTROYER!


Iran learned the hard way that President Trump’s military is nothing to be played with when they tried a game of cat and mouse with a US Destroyer.

US Destroyer

Iran is playing games with the US Navy and they learned real quick that Trump’s military isn’t even close to the one Obama ran. Trump isn’t to be messed with and neither is Mad Dog Mattis; common sense would tell you that this military is under tougher management. Nonetheless, Iran felt they needed to test the waters and tried to intercept a US Destroyer. They were humbled by the new, take no nonsense, military.

US Herald| The incident is being played out in the Persian Gulf between an Iranian ship and a U.S. Navy Destroyer, however unlike the portly despot in North Korea making verbal threats; Iran is getting extremely close to physically engaging our American fleet, which of course would be a monumental mistake.

US DestroyerOn Monday, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard “fast attack craft” came within 1,000 yards of an American U.S. guided missile destroyer.

The brief confrontation wasn’t acknowledged until the following day, and according to news reports the Iranian attack ship had its weapons manned and ready to fire. In response to the approaching threat the U.S. Navy Destroyer, the “USS Mahan” quickly manned it’s own battle stations, locked and loaded it’s own weapons before firing off a few warning flares.

This apparently stopped the Iranian craft from continuing its dangerous game of “cat and mouse.”

A U.S. spokesperson acknowledging the reckless incident: “Coming inbound at a high rate of speed like that and manning weapons, despite clear warnings from the ship, is obviously provocative behavior.”

A US Destroyer has incredible power and the sailors know this. God help the fools who provoke us because they won’t like the end result! This new administration doesn’t draw red lines, they take action! One of the big reasons Trump was elected. We were sick of all talk and no action.

Many conservatives think they should just be blown out of the water next time, no warning shots. What do you think of that approach, do you agree? Start sinking ships that provoke our military? Comment below!

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  1. L Clark

    September 20, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Well it is about time we developed a backbone with these two bit despots.They want to come out to play with the big dogs expect to be bit.

  2. Ben Thomas

    September 21, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    Send the express, straight to the nearest point of land. Let Triton have their souls.

  3. Jaime

    September 22, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    I put them 2000 feet under water. No more red lines, they have to respect the good or the bad.

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