Lowe’s Just Stunned Every Military Family in America With New Rule Effective Today in All Stores


Many American businesses have chosen to support LBGTQ but Lowe’s has decided to back a different group.


Military veterans and active duty along with their families are Lowe’s top priority when it comes to providing affordable products in order to show a little appreciation for those who live and die to protect the United States of America. In the wake of this past Veterans Day weekend, Lowes has officially started an amazing military discount program that surpasses the already impressive program that was in place. This program extends to free shipping, and incorporates the entire family with ease as the program also comes with a member card to avoid the hassles of having to present a valid military ID.

Via Viral Patriot:

Many American athletes, businesses, and celebrities seem to make political statements in vain in order to “prove” that they are against divisiveness. In reality, they are pushing the issues even further. They tend to use their platforms to bash President Trump and his supporters.

Lowe’s is aware that they may be offending some with their new idea, they are promoting something even better with their patriotic stance. The most recent move by the chain has shown their appreciation and respect for those who defend our country. They are bringing something very special to their stores all around the country.

Conservative Post wrote:

They will be expanding the program to include more members of the military as well as their family members. I think we can all agree that those who put their lives aside to defend our freedom deserve everything they can possibly get.

Lowe’s has explained that they have expanded their online discount to give military members free shipping as well. After seeing all sorts of stories in which members of our military are treated with such disrespect by ungrateful Americans, it is very welcome to see them being catered to. The men and women defending our country deserve a lot more than discounts, but this is a very welcome start.

A Lowe’s spokeswoman, Megan Lewis, stated, “the discount is linked to a MyLowes account, which can be shared by a household. Once the service member signs up for the discount program, it will be linked to a MyLowes card that can also be used by their spouse.”

More American business leaders need to be following this example, here’s looking at you NFL.

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