For 15 Years, One Marine Has Faced Off With ‘Rolling Thunder’ — It’s the Most Patriotic Thing You’ll Ever See


For 15 years, retired Staff Sgt. Tim Chambers has faced off with the “Rolling Thunder” and it’s the most patriotic thing you’ll ever see.

Memorial Day weekend at the nation’s capitol is an amazing site. Millions of participants show up from all over the country to show their patriotism on their motorcycles.

The Rolling Thunder is a huge parade that began in 1987. A couple of Vietnam War veterans, Artie Muller and Ray Manzo, wanted to bring attention to prisoners of the Vietnam War and those who were still missing.

From IJR:

That first year, 2,500 riders descended on Washington, D.C. Thirty years later, that number is fast approaching a million — but it’s not just the riders who have become a Memorial Day tradition.

Every year since 2002, one Marine — retired Staff Sgt. Tim Chambers — has faced the roar of the Rolling Thunder alone, standing at attention and offering a salute as the motorcyclists ride by.

This Marine’s dedication is astounding! There he stands for hours, never moving, steadfast in his stance at attention while saluting each biker who rides by until the very last one passes.

Chambers has done this every year for the last 15 years, even on his Wedding day last year! His new wife joined him on his mission, in her wedding gown. Amazing…

Learn more about this Marine in the video below:

Semper Fi, to a dedicated Marine. If only the politicians on both sides of the isle had this much commitment and dedication to the American citizen.

It is awesome what one lone Marine can do; just think what would happen if all the people in this country were as dedicated to our country as this Marine is. God Bless you and your family sir. And Happy Memorial Day to all of you who sacrifice your own lives for this country. Thank you! 



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