The Veterans of Foreign Wars and The American Legion Go GO HEAD TO HEAD with The NFL..


NFL controversy has sponsors left with a decision and apparently USAA just made the wrong one.


American citizens are enraged by the entitled and disrespectful actions of NFL players who are choosing to protest minority oppression by slamming the national anthem and every military soldier that stands to defend it. The NFL stands as a major organization in america that is supported by numerous sponsors from Doritos to FedEx. One such sponsor is USAA, a known insurance company that has raised to the top thanks to an upstanding dedication to the military families throughout America.

Unfourtunately USAA made a different choice surrounding current NFL controversy and instead of continuing to stand in defense of American soldiers, they are choosing to side with the disrespectful ‘peaceful’ protests from NFL players who wouldn’t know oppression ignorant it but then on the butt.

Via  Freedom Daily:

Members of this military-based financial institution who have served or are currently serving our country called on USAA to sever their ties with the NFL since the league thinks it’s okay to disrespect the flag and our soldiers. The most effective way to stop the problem is to cease funding to it. USAA was given an opportunity by their customers to pick a side, and they more than just chose the wrong one.

What the financial institution did just 24-hours after veterans flooded their social site questioning if they plan to cancel their contract and urging them to do so, proves what’s really important to USAA – and it’s not our heroes.

Members are taking USAA’s choice as a personal offense and the only way to make our message clear is to hit them where it hurts, membership costs.

“I just called to begin canceling my USAA products. The offices are closed now so I’ll call again in the morning. Credit card will be first. I have plenty of those. Insurance will be canceled after that; I just have to find replacement coverage first. USAA, more than any other sponsor, should take the lead in dropping the NFL and sending a message. Absent that, this isn’t the company I thought it was so I’ll find other providers and send my own message,” John C said.

I too will be removing my financial accounts in ‘peaceful’ protest. If democrats want to fight dirty, so be it.

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