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10-YR OLD BOY Offers To Mow White House Lawn…President Trump Accepts…Invites Him To White House


Lapdog media outlets would have the world believe that Trump is nothing more than a cold hearted businessman.

Not true. President Trump is also a father and on numerous occasions has shown he has sincere compassion for others. Seeing as how the biased media refuses to report such things, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has decided to do their job for them while speaking to the press during live stream.


During her press briefing today, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (again) frustrated the liberal media in attendance, as she read a letter out loud from a 10-year-old entrepreneur who asked President Trump if he could mow the White House lawn.

“Dear Mr. President,

It would be my honor to mow the White House lawn for some weekend for you, even though I’m only 10, I’d like to show the nation what young people like me are ready for. I admire your business background and have started my own business. I’ve been mowing my neighbors’ lawns for some time, please see the attached flyer, here’s a list of what I have and you’re free to pick whatever you want: power mower, push mower, and weed whacker, I can bring extra fuel for the power mower and charge batteries for the weed whacker, and I’ll do that with no charge.



Huckabee-Sanders, who is a mother of 3 young children, was probably tickled pink to offer President Trump’s response to this ambitious young man in person.

Watch Here:

President Trump is being portrayed by liberal run media as nothing but negative. Maybe if they bothered to actually do their jobs America would get a fair view of our new President.

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