Trump Just Marched On Stage And OBLITERATED Obama’s Legacy


Look, folks, I’m not gonna sugar coat it for you. Barack Obama did a lot of horrible things. He gave Iran access to ICBMs and he let ISIS grow from a tiny group into a monstrous group. However, probably worst of all, he let Kim Jong Un grow into a massive Nuclear power.

THAT ENDS TODAY! During a joint press conference with South Korean President Moon, Trump gave Obama the ultimate insult…

That’s right, the awful Obama policy of “Strategic Patience” is OVER. This is the same policy that lead to a nuclear North Korea capable of striking the United States.

Donald Trump’s decision to apply military, economic, and diplomatic pressure has been a long time coming. For decades now, US Presidents have relied on horrible policies that allowed the Kim family to gain power.

Luckily we have Trump and Jim Mattis in charge these days. Even Mattis said he wants to avoid war at all costs, believing a war with North Korea would be the bloodiest in world history. However, military action is on the table.

If you are proud to see the US taking a stand for our truest allies and doing what’s right, share this out and give an AMEN in the comments.

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