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NEW EVIDENCE SHOWS WOMAN Who Accused Roy Moore Of Sexual Misconduct Worked For Hillary Campaign…Supported His Democrat Opponent On Facebook


Judge Roy Moore accuser, Debbie Gibson, is die hard liberal whose FB page proves that these accusations are nothing but fake political slander.

Roy Moore has an upcoming election and the timing of the sexual misconduct allegations are highly suspicious. Now it turns out that the discovery of Debbie Gibson’s Facebook page by infowars makes the entire situation seem like another liberal cheat tactic in order to help get his opponent into office. Roy Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, is clearly favored and supported by Gibson, as is Hillary and the DNC so her lame attempt to smear Moore is pathetic and extremely obvious.


Debbie Gibson hates Donald Trump, but that’s not all, she’s pretty fond of Judge Roy Moore’s opponent, Doug Ross for US Senate In Alabama as well.

Here are a couple of Gibson’s ‘Jones loving’ FB posts that erase any credibility she may have had:

Roy Moore Roy Moore

Being so obviously biased makes the claims against your party’s political opponent irrelevant because it is highly suspect that you just so happen to have dirt on Roy Moore from almost 40 years ago that you are just now allowing to come to light?

Gibson openly bragged about signing for Hillary during a campaign appearance. On a side note, we’re not sure who she’s signing for. The crowd behind Hillary, that is usually packed with the Democrats hand-picked “diverse” crowd, appears to be pretty thin.

Roy Moore

Basically this woman who claims to have been sexually abused is a Hillary living liberal who never bothered to come forward with accusations for 36years but now that it has the potential to destroy her political opponent it’s a story that she simply ‘had’ to tell. What a bunch a liberal BS!

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