WATCH – Bannon on Brexit: ‘You Can’t Just Vote for Your Country Back, You Have to Take It Back’


Last year the world saw London defy the establishment when its citizens voted on Brexit and won.

Breitbart’s Steve Bannon recently spoke out about accusations from establishment leaders in London who claim that Breitbart London is solely responsible for the formation of the Brexit movement but that’s not the truth. English citizens decided to come together and express the desire to have their government decrease in order to give the people more control which is the exact same situation here in America. President Trump won the 2016 presidential election because the country wasn’t interested in having another polished politician from the establishment, we wanted CHANGE.

Via Breitbart:

“When Brexit happened, Nigel Farage went on the BBC the next morning and said: ‘Had Breitbart London not been created there’d be no Brexit. We had the media, we had the platform, to tell our story.’”

Remarking how the left had referred to Trump voters are “hobbits”, “deplorables”, and “rubes”, Mr. Bannon said, however, that “all these geniuses in the mainstream media on the night of Brexit on CNN couldn’t pronounce Brexit or Farage’s name”.

These were the same establishment media figures “who could not understand why ‘some guy from England’ was opening for Donald Trump in Jackson, Mississippi, and was getting a standing ovation”.


“Everyone knew who Nigel Farage was. And why was that? Because working class people are serious about where this country is going and they will read Breitbart London and they will read about and understand Brexit,” he said.

“They understand that people in Britain are trying to take their country back. The establishment are not going to give you your country back; you have got to take it back.”

Liberals can claim that republicans voting for Trump has ruined the country but in reality we aren’t the only country sick of the establishment and liberals around the world can see that the people want their power back.

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