Bernie Asks How Many Cars Billionaires REALLY Need –Backfires BIG TIME When He’s Asked This One Question


Bernie Sanders asks how many yachts and cars “billionaires really need” and it backfires big time when Twitter blows up on him!

The Independent Senator Bernie Sanders opened up a can of worms when he decided to post his last tweet. He forgot one huge thing before tweeting, make sure your nose is clean before accusing others… The users of Twitter sure didn’t let this one go!

Sanders tweeted:

“How many yachts do billionaires need? How many cars do they need? Give us a break. You can’t have it all,”

From IJR:

Sanders may not have realized that he was opening himself up for accusations of hypocrisy from his critics.

You see, the senator, a self-described Democratic socialist, actually owns three homes himself. His most recent purchase was a $575,000 lakefront vacation home.

This is a free country. It’s none of the government’s nor Bernie’s business how many homes or cars people own. If I earn enough money to own 10 boats and 5 Castles he’s not entitled to that money. Being rich does not mean you owe others that money. This is exactly what’s wrong with this country.
You can’t force people to donate money to charity that’s their choice and you can’t force people to give up their cars and HOMES to help lower class families. This is a free country! Giving should be done in the right way by the kindness of a person’s heart. It shouldn’t happen out of obligation because you own too much and to enable perfectly capable people.

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