Bill O’Reilly Breaks Silence, Destroys “Moron” Dan Rather For Attacking Trump, It’s Brutal


Bill O’Reilly breaks his silence and destroys Dan Rather over his ignorance of history when he attacked President Donald Trump.

After sadly being kicked off of the Fox News network, Bill O’Reilly has been somewhat quiet while working on some new projects. One of those projects being a podcast on his website. It’s nice to hear from O’Reilly again, he ripped Dan Rather a new one.

Dan Rather attacked Donald Trump for his comments on Andrew Jackson’s beliefs. Rather said that the “craziness of his obsession” over Andrew Jackson is a carnival act. Rather claims that President Trump approaches policy decisions with the “same half-baked conspiracies” that he also approaches history. He ended with saying that being the President is a great part of history and “not understanding” history is to not understand the presidency.

From Conservative 101:

Bill O’Reilly shut Rather up, saying on his podcast, “You may have seen a bunch of people on cable news, and that’s one of the reasons I don’t really miss it, saying that President Trump is a moron for saying that Andrew Jackson might have prevented the Civil War because of Jackson’s skills in running the country. So Dan Rather, who knows very little about history, and others go out and they hammer Trump like he’s a moron.”

 O’Reilly added, “Trump was right. Andrew Jackson would not have tolerated any secession movement at all and would have moved federal troops much faster into the problem situations. James Buchanan, Old Buck, did nothing. He was afraid. And that emboldened the South. End of historical story. These morons that you see on cable news, just turn them off. Just turn them off because you are never going to get an honest story. They know nothing.”

I love that Bill O’Reilly is putting nitwit know it alls like Dan Rather in their place. As much as I miss seeing him on Fox News, he now has the latitude to say what he wants. Go get um Bill!!

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  1. Debbie krumvieda

    May 30, 2017 at 8:31 pm

    Please get a venue for your voice to be heard again by millions —- hungry for fair reporting of REAL NEWS THANKS YOU!!!!!

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