Chelsea Handler Struggles to Name a Lie Donald Trump Has Told in Tomi Lahren Debate


Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren destroys liberal comedian Chelsea Handler at politicon and it’s EPIC!

Democrats claim that Trump does nothing but lie to American citizens, but when extreme leftist celebrity Chelsea Handler is asked to elaborate she is unable to do so.

Via IJR:

Comedian and noted liberal Chelsea Handler went head to head against conservative pundit Tomi Lahren at Politicon over the weekend, and, of course, things got a little crazy between the two.

The event, which was titled “Chelsea Handler: In Conversation with Tomi Lahren,” was essentially an hour-long debate between the two women that focused on the current political climate.

Handler particularly attacked President Donald Trump for his alleged lies on social media. She even went so far as to say it makes her feel unsafe:

“It’s not just, maybe he is lying. We have it in tweets where he constantly contradicts himself. He says one thing then changes his position on things over and over again.

“It makes me feel unsafe.”

Lahren quickly shot back:

“It makes me feel unsafe as well. Which is why I didn’t elect Hillary Clinton.”

Handler replied:

“Stop talking, Hillary didn’t win. He won. He won and he is lying almost daily.”

The comedian was then asked to specifically name one of Trump’s many lies, but she struggled to say anything.

“There is a whole list but I don’t really want to read the list.”

Watch Here:

(Part 1 of 2)

(Part 2 of 2)

Not only did Handler behave with little to no class, she can’t even defend her own opinions which resulted in a pathetic attempt at debating against an educated conservative.

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