CNN Reporter Challenges Trump to Name Fake News Story; INSTANTLY Regrets It


Chris Cillizza of CNN got on Twitter and challenged Trump to name one story that was fake or incorrect…. He learned the hard way, be careful what you ask for! Haha!

Donald Trump is the first president I know of to actually stand up to the mainstream media. He never bends beneath their pressure and even called CNN out as fake news. It’s a great thing to see! Now Chris Cillizza of CNN actually was dumb enough to tweet this:

The list of incorrect and fake news that CNN pushes goes on and on! It’s ridiculous! CNN(Conspiracy News Network) are a bunch of morons… And duh… It would be harder to find something they haven’t lied about..


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The Contrarian

Everything is not as it seems. Always be cautious and beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The mainstream media has an agenda, and so do I. I am here to set the record straight.

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