Comey Is Refusing To Turn Over Memo, Says He Deleted It


When asked to turn over the infamous memo that James Comey testified about, he refused, saying that he deleted it!

Hahahahaha!!! These people are ridiculous! And they get away with this type of shady stuff every single time! James Comey testified that he needed to take memos in order to protect himself in conversations with the president. He then had a friend leak the contents of those memos to the NY Times.

Now that they want Comey to hand the memos over, HE DELETED THEM! But I thought they were important? I mean he kept them to protect himself right? What a crock!

From Young Conservatives:

Problem? When the committee asked for the memo, Comey said he no longer had copies.

The committee was then required to request copies from the Richman. Here’s the relevant excerpt of the letter to Richman noting this.

As we have previously reported, the NY Times reporter who broke the story never even saw the memo. Indeed the information he got from Richman was recounted to him over the phone from what Richman supposedly remembered. Richman didn’t have the memo when he spoke to the reporter. So would he even be able to turn it over to the committee now if he didn’t have it then?

Where the heck are the Clinton hearings and the Rice hearings and the Clinton Foundation hearings and the Obama hearings and the Loretta Lynch hearings and now the James Comey leaking hearing? This is some bull! The GOP better stand up and fight! Take the gloves off already!

Enough with all these games the democrats play and then the GOP sits back and does nothing! They continue to play these games because the DOJ doesn’t do anything about it! It’s time to bring all the corrupt politicians from the previous administration to justice and quick!

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