Covered California 2018 Premiums to Jump 8x Inflation


Current American politicians are behaving like children in a game of I want, I want, I want.

Instead of coming together in compromise for the greater good of the country our political two parties are more divided than ever. As the battle for the repeal of ObamaCare continues the country is suffering and coverage premiums for 2018 will be through the roof. California, land of liberal America and home of ObamaCare, will see premiums increase at a substantial rate and they aren’t the only ones.

Via Breitbart:

Covered California announced this week that its 2018 rates will increase about eight times faster than the rate of inflation, as the Obamacare law and the state’s liberal legislature continue to destroy private insurance in California.

Despite the latest United States Department of Labor Consumer Price Index for the month of June estimating that inflation rose by only 1.6 percent over the last twelve months, Covered California, Obamacare for the state, just announced that the average health insurance premiums on the California insurance exchanges would rise by 12.5 percent, or about 7.81 times faster than the rate of inflation.

Covered California’s spiking prices are actually a relative bargain compared to the even worse Obamacare price increases insurers are about to extract across the rest of the nation. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that “big insurers in Idaho, West Virginia, South Carolina, Iowa, and Wyoming are seeking to raise premiums by 30 percent or more.”

Democrats would rather destroy the country in a show of pride than accept the failure that’s the legacy of King Obama.

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