Declassified Docs Reveal FBI Broke Intel Laws Under His Direction


Former FBI Director James Comey isn’t as squeaky clean as the public assumed, declassified documents reveal that the FBI broke intel laws under Comey’s direction.

Just weeks after James Comey was fired from his position as the Director of the FBI, classified documents have been declassified showing that Comey wasn’t as squeaky clean as some thought. The FBI repeatedly broke intelligence laws with Comey’s oversight, by sharing and receiving intelligence on American citizens.

From Young Conservatives:

According to Circa News, a property of the Sinclair Broadcast Group, the powerful but secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court outlined its concerns about the FBI in a series of rulings. Those rulings have now been declassified, and reveal hundreds of privacy violations during Comey’s time at the bureau, according to Circa.

“The behavior the FBI admitted to a FISA judge just last month ranged from illegally sharing raw intelligence with unauthorized third parties to accessing intercepted attorney-client privileged communications without proper oversight the bureau promised was in place years ago,” Circa reported.

During recent testimony before being fired by Trump, Comey stated that his agency only conducted surveillance on U.S. citizens when it was “lawfully collected, carefully overseen and checked.”

The documents reported by Circa News paint a different picture. This new information suggests that Comey was either incompetent at keeping the bureau within the law, or actively allowed illegal activity to continue under his watch.

America seriously needs to start prosecuting all these corrupt politicians and government workers, I don’t care what party they are affiliated with. No more letting these people walk when they break the laws. They need to be held to higher standards than most people.

When those who are given the job of protecting the nation, in law enforcement and they use their power to hurt those that do not agree, they should be thrown under the prison. They took an oath, they swore on God’s word! When power is given by the people and the People are wronged, used and abused, those who break that oath must be prosecuted and given the maximum penalties.

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