First Lady of Israel Gives Melania a Gift for Her Son Barron That Holds a Much Deeper Meaning


The First Lady of Israel gave Melania a gift for her son Barron Trump that holds a deep meaning.

Since the Trump family has been shoved even further into the spotlight and placed under the microscope of every anti-Trumper, it hasn’t been easy. Donald Trump’s presidency has brought a lot of scrutiny and nitpicking to the family and the one who is probably affected the most is little Barron Trump. Most notably, Rosie O’Donnel blasted all over the internet, a claim that Barron suffered from autism.

While the president and first lady Melania visited Israel on their foreign tour, the first lady of Israel gave her a very special gift for Barron.

From IJR:

The gift was a book called “The Hug.”

According to descriptions, the book illustrates a mother and son, alone on a walk. Her boy is named Ben. The son is worried that he is alone in the world because he is “special,” but his mother reassures him with a hug.

According to a review from the Jewish Book Council:

Poetically translated from the original Hebrew, we follow young Ben and his mother as they walk through a field one afternoon talking about what makes Ben so very special. If you are unique and special, are you all alone in the world, asks Ben, with a quiet but deep concern. But his mother knows, as mothers often do, how to reassure her child that being one of a kind need never mean being all on your own

This is so beautiful, this is a gift beyond the measure of amazing. These two ladies show class, something that every lib who spoke of Barron know nothing of.  I’m so proud of our President and First Lady. They are making quite the impression, too bad the fools in the States can’t see it.

The left and the media want you to believe that the leaders of the world think that President Trump is a clown who’s not worthy of the office. But it seems to me that the interactions up to and including Israel show that world leaders have A LOT of respect for our President.


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