GOP Candidate Karen Handel Confirms She Received Package Containing ‘Threatening Letters and a Suspicious Substance’


Republican congressional candidate Karen Handel just confirmed that she received a package that contained “threatening letters and a suspicious substance.”

Karen Handel and several of her neighbors received packages that contained “threatening letters and a suspicious substance.” The whole neighborhood was shut down while Police investigate the incident. This is the “tolerance” that has become the norm for republicans.

From Breitbart:

Late Thursday afternoon, Handel released this brief statement on the incident:

This afternoon we had some suspicious packages delivered to our house and to our neighbors. The packages contained threatening letters and a suspicious substance. The police were quickly notified and street is now being blocked off. We will continue to coordinate with law enforcement as necessary.

“The FBI also told Fox News that the FOX 5 Atlanta affiliate in Atlanta, Ga., was in receipt of an unknown white substance,” Fox News reported:

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, the document in the package threatened violence, and also read in part: “America’s terrorist soldiers are raping and killing innocent Muslims by the thousands. Republicans are literally ushering in the apocalypse by ignoring the impending climate disaster.”

The package was postmarked in Greenville, South Carolina. Law enforcement officials said the suspicious packages delivered to Karen Handel’s Roswell neighborhood were also mailed from Greenville, according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

So much for the Democrats just being sad they lost the election. They have become literal Nazis in the way they speak and act. We need to buckle down and start charging these people to the full extent.

Obviously, thanks to the ever-increasing violent and hate-filled rhetoric of the liberal left, more and more of these lunatic leftists have now decided that they are free to do *anything* that they think will advance their wrong-headed agenda and radical narrative.

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