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Jake Tapper: CNN Lies About Trump Violating Tradition of Taking Media Questions in China


CNN’s fake news coverage continues as Jake Tapper wrongly accuses Trump of being the only President to bow down to China’s request for no media questioning.

Recently President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made their first official visit to China and to the dismay of reporters who stalked them there, no questions were taken by the Chinese government. CNN’s Jake Tapper went on a Twitter rampage claiming that Trump looked weak by not forcing a questions section as all his predecessors have. Wrong.

Jake Tapper

George H.W. Bush did the exact same thing during his China visit as did liberals precious Obama back in 2009 so once again CNN doesn’t bother to do actual research before making unfounded claims.

Via Breitbart:

In a tweetstorm Thursday morning, Tapper began with, “The Chinese government never wants to take questions from US reporters. In the past American presidents have insisted upon it.” And then, while doing his best Frank Burns imitation, Tapper self-righteously added, “as a demonstration of standing up for the freedoms our nation believes in.”

For hours and hours and hours on Thursday morning, the truth-averse Tapper led a holier-than-thou parade of partisan red-baiters against Trump…

But there was just one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny little problem…

The entire foundation of this media freak-out is based on the idea that Trump violated some long-held tradition of American presidents defying the Chinese to take questions from the media … and that foundation is a big, fat lie.

In 2009, CNN’s very own Precious Obama did not take media questions in China.

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