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Conservative Launch NEW Network Sure To Rival Blaze/CRTV


American news sources are displaying radically biased journalistic reporting in favor of the liberal agenda. The media has completely lost the trust of the American people which has popular Conservative personalities banding together to change media as we know it, quite possibly for good. ‘Liberty 1 TV,’ a brand new broadcasting network, is being designed to bypass the extreme censorship (and lies) devouring the American media in all forms.

Liberty 1 TV

Liberal America appears to be the only America currently in existence thanks to the overwhelming control of Social Media outlets, such as Facebook, by extreme left-leaning Americans like our pal Mark Zuckerberg. Rather than allow his so-called ‘non-partisan’ organization to publish both liberal and conservative points of view on tendentious subjects, Zuckerberg has IT staff creating daily algorithms to bypass conservative posts with the claim of being ‘too controversial.’ by simply demonetizing content with trigger words such as “Donald Trump.”

America was founded by men with purpose and values all with one common belief; that government needed to be drastically different than the country its’ settlers fled from (all thanks to horrific religious persecution.) Thus, the bi-partisan democracy was created by our founding fathers so that citizens with differing views would be provided with a protected voice. Foreseeing legal ramifications, the bill of rights was also penned as a type of guidelines for the politically correct manner in which to express said views. Let’s face it, our forefathers knew that everyone should have the right to say and feel…however the hell they want to. That’s why that right was created in the first place.

In light of the Democratic loss during the 2016 presidential election, the level of tension among these two parties has reached a boiling point, and Conservatives are finished with the impossibility of reasoning logic and facts with liberally controlled news organizations and their zombie-like followers.

Now, in a show of strength, unity, and defiance, a group of American conservatives has banded together in the aspiration of creating a broadcasting system that will never suffer the censorship caused by media outlets who spew nothing but the liberal rhetoric that is currently brainwashing the uninformed public. This new conservative broadcasting system will be known as ‘Liberty 1 TV,’ and is scheduled to launch on Monday, September 25, 2017.

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Via Trending Views:

It’s a subscription-based program that allows users to access a multitude of highly popular right-wing media stars such as big league Joe Biggs from the Rogue Right, Robert Zerfing the Common Sense Conservative, and Terrance Williams – popular YouTube personality who is hilarious to watch as he tears apart topics while sucking down some chicken wings.

When users aren’t watching the shows, then they can read the latest American news and world headlines, catching up on what’s hot and trending in politics, culture, liberalism, and anything that’s worth talking about.

Joe Biggs stated that “Liberty 1 TV is an opportunity for Conservatives to support a true free speech platform. It’s an opportunity to bypass the leftist censorship of our political Views. This is our way of creating a real news platform for the everyday, republican, libertarian and God Fearing Conservative in America who just want to bleed Red White and Blue.”


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