Libtard Governor Called National Guard for ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Virginia


Libtard Governor Called National Guard for ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Virginia

America’s right for ‘peaceful’ protest is being pushed to the limit.

Currently, America is fighting itself at every turn because liberals refuse to behave in any kind of a civil manner. Protesting is a right and is to be executed in a civil manner. Being passionate about a cause is encouraged in The American constitution by the sheer fact that protesting is legal, however, this legality also includes the word PEACEFUL! In the wake of President Trump taking office, liberals have decided to redefine the meaning of peace in regards to both Islam and protest.

Via Fox News:

Hundreds of white nationalists – and those who oppose them — were expected for a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday after a federal judge’s ruling Friday cleared the way for the event.

The judge’s ruling sparked a pre-rally march Friday night on the University of Virginia campus, resulting in clashes between marchers, protester, and police.

The unrest prompted Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, to place National Guard members on standby, and encourage Virginians to stay away from Saturday’s event.

“Men and women from state and local agencies will be in Charlottesville [on Saturday] to keep the public safe,” McAuliffe said in a statement, “and their job will be made easier if Virginians, no matter how well-meaning, elect to stay away from the areas where this rally will take place.”

On Friday night, marchers holding tiki torches and chanting “White lives matter!” in front of a statue of university founder Thomas Jefferson were confronted by protesters, the Washington Post reported.

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