BLAMITOL EXPLAINS THINGS: Here Is A Dose Of The PILLS Hillary Clinton’s Been Popping!


This explains so much! Here’s the dose of Blāmitol that Hillary Clinton has been popping! Haha!

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld exposed the fake new “sponsor” on Saturday’s show. Blāmitol is what we’ve suspected all along! This makes so much sense! Hillary and all of the other liberal democrats need to stop popping these pills. Then they’ll be able to think like sane people.

From Biz Pac Review:

Blāmitol (pronounced: blame-it-all) promises a cure for taking “full responsibility for your own failures.” “Why suffer in silence? Now you can make your failure someone else’s fault,” the ad says.

The commercial is interspersed with scenes from Hillary Clinton’s interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour last week in Manhattan where she blamed FBI Director James Comey, Wikileaks and Russia for losing to president Donald Trump.

Comments that even had Democrat ally David Axelrod telling her to “move on.”

“Blāmitol works with the brain’s receptors to help you replace your sense of responsibility with wild accusations,” the ad said. “Just blame it all on the FBI and Vladimir Putin.”

Watch the hilarious commercial below!

Hillary has been popping these babies in LARGE doses! As a matter of fact she’s been sharing them with the whole democratic party! These need to be outlawed so these people can think straight and take a look in the mirror to fix what they’re doing wrong.

Please share this with your friends, people need to be aware of Blamitol and the unfortunate side effects… Hahahaha!


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  1. Impeach Trumpf

    May 8, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    More like Donald Trumpette is the one who is addicted to them. Between blaming Obama for Trumpette’s inability to get shit done and his claims of ‘FAKE NEWS,’ you can see Trumpette has it bad.

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