President Trump Slams NFL Kneelers, ‘Get Those SOB’s off the Field’


President Trump takes time during a public speech in an Alabama to slam NFL Kneelers who disrespect the national anthem.

NFL Kneelers

While endorsing Luther Strange in Alabama on Friday evening, President Trump bashed the entitled athletes ruining football by disrespecting the American flag and the military with their inappropriate protests represented by kneeling during the national anthem. His loud and passionate speech was met with resounding applause that clearly demonstrates the anger felt by the American public in regards to the actions of players like Colin. Just as Kaepernick no longer plays for an NFL team, the President called for team owners to follow suit by firing any ‘son of a b*tch’ that kneels in dishonor. NFL Kneelers are financially crippling the NFL while simultaneously destroying a beloved American sport and it’s about that nonsense is put to a stop. If they don’t respect America then why should the receive large sums of an American money?

Via Breitbart:

During a speech in Alabama Friday night, President Donald Trump took a few minutes to slam NFL players like Colin Kaepernick, who indulge protests during the playing of the national anthem. Trump said that he hopes such players are removed from the field and said he’d “love” to see NFL owners fire them.

Trump made his comments at a rally for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Luther Strange in Huntsville, Alabama.

What seemed to set the president off against the NFL was when he noted that he, Luther Strange, and his followers respect the U.S. flag. As the crowd cheered, Trump turned his attention to NFL protesters and said that he’d love to see such protesters thrown out of the game for disrespecting the flag.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, say: ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out. He’s fired!’ They don’t know it,” Trump said as the crowd cheered. “They’re friends of mine, many of them. They don’t know it. They’ll be the most popular person in the country.”

Chants of “USA! USA!” filled the hall as Trump continued on.

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