Robert Reich: ‘Absurd’ to Say Obamacare Was ‘A Burden to People’


Former Labor secretary Robert Reich  says that it’s absurd to say that Obamacare was a “burden to people.”

When Obamacare came out, just the rule of the 40% excise tax on companies who gave good health insurance to their employees. Obviously, that rule alone was going to ruin the healthcare insurance system. Any company in their right mind would eliminate or dilute their health insurance plans….And they did….And we will NEVER get that genie back in the bottle!!

But no one suffered under Obamacare? Ok Mr Reich, whatever you say…


Well Mr. Reich, have you ever, ever had to pay for your own insurance? No, you haven’t, so you have no clue as to what a burden it is for people, single, or with families, to have to pay for insurance out of a paycheck that is probably just over the poverty levels, so just shut up about it not being a burden on people!


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