Rex Tillerson Is Taking Obama’s Mess And Making It More Efficient All While Saving Money


Having a business man running our country is paying off, literally; Rex Tillerson is about to make major changes to the State Department that will save America money!Rex Tillerson

There is so much going on inside of our government that makes no sense and wastes tons of taxpayer money. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a president who is willing to come in and clean out all of the unneeded crap. Trump is doing just that as Rex Tillerson prepares to reform the State Department, cutting its budget by a third.

Liberty Writers| Tillerson said that his reform of the Department would be the most important thing he will do as Secretary of State. The plan includes a possible merging of the State Department with the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The aim would be to align resources and improve efficiency. Ahhhh…those words are just music to my ears! Save money and become more efficient? Government? Who knew it could be done?!

Trump, that’s who! He’s seen how ridiculously inefficient and wasteful our government has been for too long. Not the least of which during the past 8 years under Obama. Get this: Tillerson expects his plan to cut $10 BILLION from the Department’s budget over the next five years. That’s right, that says BILLION!

Rex Tillerson Reform

How long have we the people asked that the government be operated like regular business? We have only dreamed of efficiency but didn’t dare think it would happen. Now, in record setting time, our dreams are really coming true! Finally, someone with a brain! And it’s being used for the people of the USA instead of lining their pockets with our tax dollars!

I stand with Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. He is the right man for this job. May God watch over all your plans for America and its citizens, Thank You! Share this if you’re thankful for Rex Tillerson and the work he’s doing to save us a ton of money!

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