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Sean Hannity Sends Shivers Down Spine Of Liberal America With Ominous Warning Of What’s Coming Next


One simple message from Sean Hannity promises to leave liberals silent and humiliated if the past is any indicator.

Hannity took to social media with a mysterious message that eluded to a bombshell revelation to come. Previously Sean Hannity has used social media in this manner and followed up with some earth shattering stuff such as Rachel Maddox being humiliated after presenting Trumps tax return without realizing it was the opposite of what she thought.

Now the same cryptic social media Warning has been issued and the only question left is who’s the target this time?

Via Liberty Writers:

“Tick Tock. Stay tuned.” -Sean Hannity

According to the Gateway Pundit, Hannity has used this technique twice, and each time he dropped mega bombshells on his Fox program.

One was a huge revelation about Obama and the Hillary, Clinton Foundation, Russia nuke deal.

This one could be a similar story as Sean already has good inside sources on that or it could be about the other Podesta.

The one that worked with Manafort on his Russia related lobbying. The same one that had to change his FARA forms as well.

Only time will tell but one thing is for sure, tunes by in is a must!

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