Peter Singer Leftist ‘Ethicist’ Argues It’s OK To RAPE The Disabled


Leftist Ethicist professor, Peter Singer argues that it’s OK to rape a disabled person, after a former professor of ethics was convicted of two counts of aggravated sexual assault against a disabled man.

This sicko has been in the news before for his complete disregard for infant human life. He argued that it should be ok to kill babies under a certain age… This shows how far people can fall when they don’t have an ultimate moral compass to guide them. Ideas and feelings take human beings to the weirdest and just plain wrong conclusions.

Now he’s in the news again, this time for arguing that it’s basically OK to rape a disabled person…

From Clash Daily:

Anna Stubblefield — a former professor of ethics at Rutgers University — had sex with a twenty-nine year old man with severe cerebral palsy. She was charged and convicted of two counts of aggravated sexual assault.

If we assume that he is profoundly cognitively impaired, we should concede that he cannot understand the normal significance of sexual relations between persons or the meaning and significance of sexual violation. These are, after all, difficult to articulate even for persons of normal cognitive capacity. In that case, he is incapable of giving or withholding informed consent to sexual relations; indeed, he may lack the concept of consent altogether.

This does not exclude the possibility that he was wronged by Stubblefield, but it makes it less clear what the nature of the wrong might be. It seems reasonable to assume that the experience was pleasurable to him; for even if he is cognitively impaired, he was capable of struggling to resist, and, for reasons we will note shortly, it is implausible to suppose that Stubblefield forcibly subdued him. On the assumption that he is profoundly cognitively impaired, therefore, it seems that if Stubblefield wronged or harmed him, it must have been in a way that he is incapable of understanding and that affected his experience only pleasurably.

If, by contrast, we assume that he has normal cognitive capacities, certain uncontested facts make it difficult to believe that he was forced to have sex against his will — for example, that he cooperated in the process of revealing to his family that he and Stubblefield had had sexual relations. — New York Times

So basically if you’re unable to say the word, “no”, it isn’t rape… This guy is sick, and he’s considered an ethicist? This jerk is proof that no matter how many titles you have or what accolades people bestow on you, you can still be dumber than dirt! This guy should not be allowed to instruct a monkey much less teach youth at an institution of higher learning.

With the rise of ultra liberal progressive globalism there is a moral vacuum within its members. Rape is rape and it is horrendous to a person with mental capabilities even more so when taking advantage of somebody without those capabilities. This guy is a disgrace to his profession and society.


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  1. James W Cummings

    June 4, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    If that is the sort of Crap He teaches his students he should be dismissed and jailed for inciting rape and abuse.

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